The TITANIC Ensemble of Belgium, founded in May 1996, has already performed several times on various radio and TV-stations in Belgium and in the Netherlands. Their concerts have drawn down storms of cheers thanks to unequalled quality and peerless originality. In 1998 they were invited in Stavelot to perform during the Walloon Festival. Throughout the same season they appeared twice at the world famous Amsterdam ‘Concertgebouw’, which gave rise to a live-CD. They performed at the open-air concerts of Leuven, Ghent, Antwerp, Eupen, Brussels,... and were asked to give a coffee-concert in Mechelen within the scope of the prestigious Flanders Festival. They were also invited to honour the official closing ceremony of the international exhibition ‘Paris-Bruxelles / Brussels-Paris’ in Ghent with their musical presence. In March 1999 Radio 3 and ‘Royale Belge’ booked them for a live radio concert and for ‘Musique 3’ they performed a live concert themed on the painter René Magritte. In Germany their performance was favourably noticed at the ‘Düsseldorf Boot Messe’ and they triumphed at Krefeld’s 23rd International Jazz Festival, where they performed for a second time in April 2001. In the Netherlands they achieved great success at the Eindhoven’s 4th Night of Swing. In May 1999 the main Flemish cultural centres organized a concert tour for them on a theatre boat, what proved to be a fantastic success. In its wake they were invited to tens of Flemish and Dutch cultural centres. Let us not forget their concert at the international Dann Carlton Hotel in Medellin (Colombia) and during the following summer, a concert tour around the country sponsored by the Bank of the Colombian Republic, who booked the TITANIC Ensemble for the third time in July 2001 ! KBC introduced them in August 1999 during the Flanders ‘Cultuurmarkt’ and the Walloon Community invited them to perform within the scope of ‘Entre-Vues 2000’ at the Brussels ‘Botanique’. Last but not least we should also mention numerous concerts throughout Belgium, including some particularly prestigious dates at the Brussels Museum of Musical Instruments, at the ‘Cercle Gaulois’, a millennium concert at midnight on December 31st, 2000 at the ‘Palais des Beaux-Arts’, one at the Antwerp ‘Arenbergschouwburg’,... but also performances in Berlin, Luxemburg, Tilburg,... In June 2000 they played the opening concert of the Summer of Antwerp and performed a couple of times at the Brussels ‘Palais des Beaux-Arts’, of which one of these concerts was organized by the Flanders and Walloon Festival together (‘Happening’). Furthermore, TITANIC Ensemble were invited to perform at a reception in honour of all the European Ministers of Finance at the Liege Prince-Episcopal Palace, as well as being invited to play by the Knokke Casino, recording a brand new CD and performing in Germany, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and the Belgian Embassy in Bogota at the invitation of the Ambassador himself.
The TITANIC Ensemble is a company recognized by the Ministry of the Flemish Community and member of ‘Art et Vie’, a department of the Walloon Ministry of Culture.