During a concert, have you ever …

- wished for the interval during the first part of the performance ?
- thought ‘It is OK, but not for a second time around’ ?
- hesitated about buying a CD because the concert was not so great after all ?
- left the concert hall as soon as the last note of the programme was played ?
- got the feeling as a concert organiser that you were unable to offer the audience that little something extra ?

Then you definitely need to meet the TITANIC Ensemble !

Why ?

The TITANIC Ensemble of Belgium will absolutely charm you with exquisite little works of art dating back to a very innovative period in ‘recent’ musical history and for once these unique pearls are not composed by ‘the earth’s grandees’. Seven thoroughbred musicians (violin, flute, clarinet, cello, double bass, piano and percussion) will take the audience back in time and accompany it on a world cruise, briefly touching the five continents in 80 minutes of long lingering emotion. Toes will begin to tingle at the first cakewalk dating back to the beginning of last century. Next the aroma of freshly made Chinese tea is in the air. Suddenly the skittles of a juggler are whizzing through the air to the very delight of the younger children in the audience. When 70 fingers interpret a delicate music box tune, grandma is overcome by memories of her childhood. Mother imagines herself lying on a sandy white beach in the tropics while a rumba accompanies the rippling tide. Later on the tearing pace of the Scandinavian Express catches everyone, and finally father relives his early years whilst listening to a catchy tune from post-war swing. The nicest thing of all is that the audience themselves get completely caught up in the mood, through a number of beguiling titles accompanied by comments coloured with a whiff of subtle humour. The musicians’ enthusiasm is without doubt, the driving force behind an evening full of dynamics. The audience simply never tires, the repertoire of the TITANIC Ensemble holds over 3000 titles. Have a great time ! Success is guaranteed.

If you book the TITANIC Ensemble …
- the concert is always too short !
- the audience will most certainly want to know when they will be invited next time !
- CD’s will sell like hot cakes !
- you may look forward to a whole series of encores !
- you will get that little something extra as a concert organiser !
You have not yet booked the TITANIC Ensemble ?

Then it is high time to make their acquaintance …